Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SECONDSTOCK Sim is packing up for Winter and Spring!

Hey all you groovy Secondstock Hippies!

Merck, Amy, and I have had a number of discussions about what we do with the Secondstock Sim between now and next October when we have another 3-Day Music Festival. With the economy hurting and everyone on the Secondstock Team extremely busy in real life, we decided to closedown, put all the Secondstock “stuff” in storage, and sell the Sim with plans to rent or purchase another Sim around next August/Sept when we will set up for the annual music festival.

We greatly appreciate all of you who supported us by attending our events and sharing some lindens to help pay for the venue. And thanks to all the musicians who performed at our events and exhibited some amazing musical talent.

Our merchant’s area was exciting and fun and we hope to have many of the same familiar shops back with us next year. You can purchase any last minute Hippie Christmas gifts now while they last at our merchants area. The merchant’s tents will be closing soon so come now.

On behalf of the entire Secondstock Team, thank you all.

~Erik Silverstar

Keep on trucking!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The first of our monthly ALL DAY music festivals is this coming SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22nd from 10am until 10pm!!

On the Main Stage at SECONDSTOCK we have a line up of musicians that will blow you away...oh wow, man. 12 Hours of Live Music!!

Secondstock Musician Schedule

10am - Robie Bloch
11am - Winston Ackland
12pm - Russel Eponym
1pm - Silas Scarborough
2pm - Oldwolf Criss
3pm - Lonnie Nightfire
4pm - Montian Gilruth & FunkyFreddy Republic
5pm - MrMulti Writer
6pm - Auzzie Blackburn
7pm - Hathead Rickenbacker
8pm - Moondoggirl Moomintoog
9pm - Deep Sky Traveler

See you Saturday at SECONDSTOCK!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Secondstock Sim Plans and Update - November 1, 2008

Dear Secondstock Hippies,

On behalf of the Secondstock team, thank you for participating in last weekend’s Secondstock Music Festival. We hope you had a enjoyable and fun experience.

Looking forward we will be continuing to have regular all-day concerts on the main stage once a month and smaller one or two hour events in our new indoor venue, The Winery, throughout each week. During the month of November we will be doing some minor terraforming on the south side of the Sim (which was undeveloped) to add a small vineyard on Yasgur’s farm and our new buildings. The new vineyard and winery will be just up the hill from the merchant area near the mud slides.

Our vision and focus of Secondstock is to make a unique music Sim that has its basis in Woodstock but also is a familiar and exciting location for people to visit, listen to music, buy music and Woodstock-hippie related merchandise, and explore. And, everyone can set the Secondstock sim as your teleport home if you need a "home" in SL. We will not have slingo, campers, trivia games, or any paid prize contests. Secondstock last weekend averaged 55,000 in traffic for each of its three days and this was without any phony traffic boosting methods.

Mark your calendars now for the Secondstock Thanksgiving Music Festival on Saturday, November 22nd. 12 hours of great live music with many of the stars of Secondstock plus new performers we’ve discovered. The day will start at 10am SLT and run until 10pm SLT.

On the first Saturday of December, Amy, Gabrielle, and Erik will bring back our “famous” Saturday night dance parties every Saturday from 6-8pm. This event was extremely popular at Erik’s Distillery last winter and spring and is sure to be a hit. Check out www.eriksdistilery.blogspot.com to learn all about them.

Plus, during one of the week days each week we plan to have an Entertainment Showcase evening where we have new emerging SL musicians perform for all us Secondstock Hippies and for other music venue owners we will be inviting to listen. We have additional plans in the works and would love to hear from you regarding your ideas as well.

Thanks for reading and keep on Feeling Groovy!

~Erik Silverstar

PS...check out the official Secondstock photos website at http://www.secondstock.tk

Monday, October 27, 2008

"And the wind began to howl..."

Hey all you Hippies...give me an "S", give me a "E", give me a... What's that spell? (crowd yells "SECONDSTOCK!!")

Yesterday's final day of Secondstock was a great time but over waaay too quickly. I don't think I have ever experienced the quality of music and musician performances anywhere else in Second Life

Thanks to all you Secondstock Hippies out there we had a phenomenal turnout all three days and were running between 40-80 people on the SIM for the entire concert that ran from 9 in the morning to an hour (or so) after midnight. We actually did hit 100 people on the SIM at 3:15pm on Saturday. And our server held up just fine...until last night when Freestar Tammas finally crashed the sim after 9pm...LOL.
Free now has bragging rights that she was the only one who was able to crash the sim at Secondstock.

Toward the end of the concert, Merck shot off fireworks and I turned the weather system back on. Nice light rain fell for awhile then the wind started whipping and howling, the rain was pouring, and for JAMBA's finale we were hit with a full blown thunder shower with non-stop lightning strikes all over the SIM. Woohoo!

The Secondstock music festival may be over but Secondstock the SIM lives on! We are planning now for upcoming concerts and ongoing events.

Our merchant tents are up and selling their cool 1970's merchandise. Come on back and check them out now that you can wander around without missing any music performances. And, if you wondered what the original Woodstock in 1969 was like, please come back and check out our Woodstock Exhibit and Museum in Max Yasgur's Barn near the TP arrival area of Secondstock. Thanks to Abbey Zenith from the Alliance Virtual Library for creating the exhibit and to Bucky Barkley for his superb videos.

All Hippies are invited to use Secondstock as your home rezzing location if you don't have a place to go, and our campgrounds, mudslides, yoga area, skinny dipping lake, corn fields with hidden marijuana, and little pose ball surprises are waiting for you to explore upon your return.

The festival weekend ran smoothly due in large part to the support of the Police Department officers who were around to help us keep the griefers at bay and help out with the drug overdoses from that "not necessarily too good" Brown Acid. The Police were cool and could often be seen holding their lighters up as they listened to the music while standing up on the hill. In lieu of payment the Police placed donation jars out for the Make A Wish Foundation. Thank you all who donated.

Our audio stream worked beautifully all weekend (even when I couldn't remember which button to push on my SAM broadcaster to turn it on). Thank you STREAM TEAM for donating the stream for the concert. Anyone who wants their own stream, or needs to upgrade to a more reliable, and affordable stream, please contact Edward Lowell, Amy Ferguson, Jackie Cushing, or Bob Corrigible of The Stream Team for your own copy.

We could use some help...we would like to hear from anyone about what we did right or how we can improve the sim and the festival so leave your comments here on the blog (of course I have edit rights for "correcting" any dumb comments...arr arr arr)

Also check out our Official Secondstock Photo website built by Secondstock merchant and friend, Chriscloud Loon. Go to www.secondstock.tk and check out the pics.

On behalf of the Secondstock Entertainment team of Merck Forager, Amy Ferguson, Rain Allen, Gabrielle Neddings, and myself, I want to thank you all for making the first SECONDSTOCK MUSIC FESTIVAL a fun, exciting, and memorable success!! GROOVY!


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More to come….we talked to quite a few news folks on Saturday and Sunday including Kay Uggla, Lanai Jarrico, MincedMedia Clip, and a follow up with Nazz Lane.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

News and Videos about SECONDSTOCK!!

Check out the following links to read (or watch) news coverage of the SECONDSTOCK MUSIC FESTIVAL.

SL-NEWSPAPER (Friday October, 24th 2008)
Story by Nazz Lane who visited Secondstock and talked with Erik and Amy while touring the Secondstock Festival grounds.


SLCN-TV (Thursday, October 23rd, 2008)
Duckyfresh Watanabe stopped by the Secondstock sim with her film crew to report on the Secondstock Music Festival as this weekends "HOT SPOT on SL"!! Check out her weekly show "That S'Life" Woohoo!



Yes Secondstock Hippies and everyone WORLDWIDE can listen to all the performers at the SECONDSTOCK MUSIC FESTIVAL by just going to the following URL:


Just click listen and you can enjoy incredibly great music over the internet inworld or out. GROOVY!

Oh, and SECONDSTOCK has been producing record crowds and hit 100 people on the SIM on Saturday afternoon at 3:15pm. Whoa!